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Presidential candidates and network marketing endorsements

The Internet has changed the way we buy things but also how we use information. Most of our decisions are based on some kind of research process that usually involved the online dimension. For this year’s presidential nomination race, GOP candidates have decided to leverage this behavior to its fullest, building more or less strong online presencies on social media channels.

GOP candidates have made past digital mistakes, too. Some could argue that associating yourself with network marketing companies would be a little sketchy. As this network marketing report points out, Donald Trump was a spokesperson for ACN, a network marketing company specializing in telecommunications.

They’ve built entire communities around their cause, using different marketing tactics and adapting their political discourse to the 21st century way of communicating. Some have managed to be more successful than others, but all candidates have at least tried to master the art of social media.

Let’s look at some of the strategies that the GOP candidates have used in their social media campaigns so far, and their marketing value:

Tweeting about network marketing

Twitter is by excellence a channel for news, facts, data and short but powerful messages. This latter use has been used by candidates throughout their campaigns so far, with a great degree of success in some cases.

Ben Carson recently posted a powerful tweet that quickly raised 1.6k retweets and 3.3k likes, on a key trending topic.

Marco Rubio has also employed this tactic, with a similar tweet on a related topic:

Actionable tip: Research trending topic using tools like Right Relevance and BuzzSumo and incorporate them into your Twitter post plan, if they connect with your core messaging strategy. Following hashtags is also a great way to stay ahead of trending topics. Host Authority, an online hosting review company, used Buzzsumo to find the best trending content.

Make The Most Out Of Life And Change Your Mind Perspective With Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program

tai lopez good lifeThere are many attributes that can be used to describe Tai Lopez. According to himself, he is an investor, entrepreneur, mentor and keynote speaker. His entrepreneurship career began in 2007 when he founded LLG Financial Inc in November 2003 that he ran for 4 years. This came after he had dropped out of college, became a certified Financial Planner and got his first job at GE Capital (the financial services unit of the General Electrical Unit) where he worked from November 2001 to November 2003. In his 20’s he was the proud owner of some of the biggest night clubs in the east coast and a self-made millionaire. According to his Linkeldn bio, he has read over 5000 books in his lifetime.

As for his mentorship and motivational speaking career it begun recently and now he spends most of his time moving from one place to the other all over the country. During these trips, he shares what he has learned in his life. He has come to know the secrets of living the good life and shares it in his program named “The 67 Steps” and a book a day program.
Tai Lopez lives in Hollywood and is famously known for his Youtube channel called “The Grand Theory of Everything.”

Online Program To Success: Tai Lopez 67 Steps

This is an online program available in the form of a video and entails the principles of living the good life’ also known as eudaimonia. It is a compilation of the lessons he has learnt in his life through experience and the many books he has read. These 67 steps have philosophical messages sourced from several famous and witty authors including Socrates, Joe Salatin, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Tramp to mention but a few.

How were Tai Lopez’s 67 steps formulated? Tai combined the many lessons learnt by millionaires and trillionaires through history and merged them with his own to create these steps to help people succeed on all aspects of their lives.

According to Tai, the 67 steps are geared towards rewiring your brain and teaching ways to attract success by balancing social, financial and all other aspects of life. With this balance your life will definitely be a good one.

How Can Tai Lopez 67 Steps Help Me?

This program is ideal for investors and entrepreneurs who want to make it big. The steps are secrets on how those before you have been able to achieve this. Coming from the horse’s mouth you can be sure that these tactics will help you become rich and satisfied. Among the traits you will learn from this program are humility, adaptability, mentorship, how to keep learning and so much more. You will become a better person, investor, mentor and entrepreneur.

Tai Lopez: The Good Life?

You may wonder what Tai Lopez means when he says the good life? Is this the life that the rich lead? This may or may not be the case. It is a life in which one is able to afford whatever they want without any difficulties. You will be satisfied with how your social, financial and all other aspects of your life. From good health to love, wealth and happiness, you have it all when you live the good life.

Traveling And Fantasy Football 101, Learn it all with FanDuel

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draft kings fantasy footballDespite being around for less than a decade, the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Daily fantasy sports let people bet on sports using their mobile devices and get cash rewards the very same day. This is why fantasy sports have gained so much appeal, growing the industry into a billion dollar enterprise projected to be worth well over $14 billion by the year 2020.

One of the most popular variants of this new betting fad is fantasy football, where big companies like Fanduel and Draft kings lead the category.

In fact, daily fantasy football is in the lead with regard to the booming popularity of daily fantasy sports. For those new to this sport, here is what fantasy football is, how it works, and what the media is saying about it.

What can be really exciting for some users is the fact that this kind of innovative ways to generate a little cash is actually global and something one can do anywhere in the world, even in places like Ubud, Bali.

So, What Is Fantasy Football?

Unlike typical fantasy football, daily fantasy football are contests that begin and end the same day. However, for most parts, the rules of the two fantasy football versions are similar. For instance, you select a team of players on the basis of their salary cap.

These players then get points depending on how they fare in the pitch. At the moment, every week, millions of money are awarded to winners. Players of daily fantasy football can place bets of between $0.25 to $1000. Some popular fantasy football sites are FanDuel and DraftKings .

How Does Fantasy Football and FanDuel Work?

First of all, playing daily fantasy sports involves staking real money. Nevertheless, rather than wait an entire season or a weekend before the contest is complete, the entire process takes just a day.

You should select your team based on a choice fantasy contest. The draft is selected depending on salary cap. However, this is not always the case, but it is the rule rather than the exception. How this works is, you select participants based on a fixed maximum salary of say, $50,000, based on which you have to make a 9-player roaster as is required of a football match. For instance, some players can cost as much as $9000, while others can cost less than half as much.

Although your selection is completely independent of what everyone else has selected, you could end up selecting the same lineup as someone else.
The better the players you have chosen do on the field, the better your performance. The players earn fantasy points. You should select a team that can score better than competing fantasy football teams.

Fan Duel and Fantasy Football In The News

At the moment, daily fantasy football is legal, but the popularity of this form of sports betting is predicted to change gambling’s legal landscape in future. The use of modern technologies such as mobile phones and the large amounts of money involved in fantasy sports is challenging existing laws on gambling, which do not take daily fantasy sports as seriously as conventional gambling games.

At the moment, fantasy sports are not considered gambling under the law, since a fantasy sport is considered a “game of skill” rather than a “game of chance.” In places like UK and most of Europe, sports betting is considered gambling, and the U.S, is likely to follow suit.

The media also speculates that the popularity of this game will change American culture considerably over the next couple of years.